Keep Your Love Alive – Keep Your Vows Alive

erika & steve kissAs a marriage officiate who has worked with more than 700 couples, I find that brides and grooms write the most wonderful personal vow statements to each other.  And for many their amazing words become a one time deal.  Stated on their wedding day and then never looked at again.

To keep your love alive, let your wedding vows be alive in your marriage.

I like to give couples homework.  I suggest that if your wedding is on a Saturday night, that every Saturday night for the first year of your marriage you re-state your vow to each other.  Take the time to reconnect to the moment of your uniting.  Let your vows remind you of the love that is so present on your wedding day. Let this vow time be the moment you reconnect if you have had a busy week.  Look your partner in the eye.  Speak the words of love and commitment. Let your vows stay alive in your memory and be a part of  the DNA of your relationship

Then in those moments (and those moments will come)  when your relationship feels strained or you even have forgotten why you married this person – your vows will be right there ready to remind you of what has brought you together.

Try it and leave a comment here. I would love to hear from you.