Custom Wedding Ceremony Styles

Unique, Personal, Meaningful

adriana-and-levWhen you want something more than a ceremony taken from a book, something that reflects your shared love and dreams, I am here to create your personal ceremony. As a professional with vast experience, I will guide you from our first meeting to your wedding day.

Whether your celebration venue is a formal New York hotel, a bucolic country farm or a small, intimate, informal affair for two under a Central Park tree — your ceremony will reflect your style. I will work with you to imbue your wedding with all that holds meaning for you.

The marriage laws require that your ceremony contain just three elements; a vow, a pronouncement, and the signing of your license. Everything else is optional and up to you. Your custom written wedding ceremony will reflect your choices. Below are a few of the most common themes for weddings. You might select one or have a combination of all three.

Wedding Ceremony Styles

Celebrate Your Love Story

Beth and ShellyYour personal ceremony can be about the two of you, focusing on your love and commitment to each other with or without any reference to religion. A ceremony that is personal, meaningful, and filled with the magic that brought you together and all that is uniquely you.

Blending Your Traditions, Uniting Your Lives: Interfaith/Intercultural/Interspiritual

Wedding Styles pageIf religious rituals, or cultural traditions resonate for you, I can easily incorporate them into your ceremony. Together we will explore what holds meaning for you. I am educated and experienced in the religions of the world and have creatively blended wedding rituals for couples who are– interfaith, intercultural, exploring new paths, desiring elements from the religion of their birth, while honoring the philosophies of their present.  My experience spans the mystical and traditional forms of — Christianity, Judaism, Sufism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Yoga, African, Native American and many other paths. It is all open to you.

Express Your Spirituality: A Spiritual Ceremony

Slide Show Lisa SizeRender-4 copyThe most rapidly growing segment of the American population are those who describe themselves as “Spiritual But Not Religious”, “Religiously Independent” or “NONES”.  Spirituality is very personal and expresses itself in unique ways in each individual.  As your wedding officiant I will explore your spiritual beliefs and core values with you, find out what holds meaning for you and design your wedding ceremony to authentically reflect who you are.




Marriage Equality

Same sex wedding. Photo by Erica Peter Doyle.
Photo by Erica Peter Doyle.

We live in amazing times, and I am so thrilled to finally be able to provide everyone with an amazing, personal wedding ceremony.

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Central Park Weddings

Whether you are eloping to New York or a local who just adores Central Park, these 843 acres are filled with so many romantic locations for your wedding ceremony.

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Destination New York or Eloping to New York City

New York City is a mecca for wedding couples from all over the world. Its iconic parks, hotels, and public buildings attract couples from around the globe and from other states as well. New York is the perfect place for your destination or elopement wedding.

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Week Day Weddings

Have the wedding of your dreams for less. Same amazing, custom wedding ceremony, (Same Venue, Same Cuisine). Schedule your celebration on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

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Having a Friend Officiate?

Here are some things to consider: There is a trend today to have a friend or relative officiate your wedding. This can be a nice touch but is also fraught with potential issues. Here are some things to consider:

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Other Services

Ceremony and ritual have been a part of the human experience for all of existence. We mark all rites of passage from birth, through life’s peak moments, to the end of life with a community ceremony. Baby Blessings, Vow Renewals, Second Marriages, Memorials.

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