Other Ceremonies

Ceremony and ritual have been a part of the human experience for all of existence.  In times of transition, and change, we gather with loved ones to engage in a ceremony that supports and adds meaning to life.  We mark rites of passage from birth, through life’s peak moments, to end of life with a community ceremony.

The “Family Officiant”

For many couples, their relationship with me begins with their wedding and then extends to other life celebrations.  I become the “family officiant” for all of their life’s special moments.  I offer baby blessings and funerals or memorials only to couples and families that I have worked with before.

  • Baby blessing.
    A baby blessing.

    Baby Naming and Blessing Ceremonies – When a baby comes into your life, it is an event to be celebrated. A Baby Blessing Ceremony serves several purposes.  It welcomes the child and consciously sanctifies this new soul’s entrance into the world.  It is a time to give thanks for the miracle of this new life. A Blessings Ceremony acknowledges the parents as well, commemorating the new role that parents are taking on as stewards of their child’s life. Close friends and family members are usually present as we acknowledge the sacred role of others in the child’s life – grandparents, godparents, community – guardians offering unconditional love, acceptance and wisdom to a new generation.  Finally, we can acknowledge and honor the interconnectedness of this child and this family with the whole of creation.

  • Vow Renewals – Celebrate a special anniversary or simply fulfill your desire to recommit to your spouse with a Vow Renewal Ceremony.  Rekindle your love using elements from your wedding while acknowledging the new ways your lives have blended and evolved together. Involve loved ones.  Have your children witness your vows.  Add new meaning to your marriage as you once again choose your partner, and speak of your love.
  • Second marriage
    Second weddings.

    Second Marriages – The heart continues to seek love even when the first try did not quite work out as you planned. When you find love again, allowing yourself to love and be loved, it is time to celebrate. For second weddings (and beyond) a beautiful ceremony can be handcrafted for you.

  • Funerals, Memorials, End of Life Celebrations – End of life rituals are so important for the family, friends and the loved one who has passed. I am deeply honored to officiate funerals and memorials.  Very personal and meaningful, I offer this service only to couples and  families that I have worked with before. Together we create an authentic and personal funeral or memorial service that honors and honestly represents you and your desires.  I am in service to you, not any institution.  I provide end-of-life rituals that incorporate elements from all religious, cultural traditions, and spiritual paths. I also create ceremonies that focus on the love and life of your loved one with no references to religion whatsoever.  The choice is yours.  I will act as your guide through this process and support you all the way to the altar.