Keep Your Love Alive — Keep Your Vows Alive

get link erika & steve kissAs a mar­riage offi­ci­ate who has worked with more than 700 cou­ples, I find that brides and grooms write the most won­der­ful per­sonal vow state­ments to each other. And for many their amaz­ing words become a one time deal. Stated on their wed­ding day and then never looked at again.

go to link To keep your love alive, let your wed­ding vows be alive in your mar­riage.

omprare viagra generico 25 mg consegna rapida a Genova I like to give cou­ples home­work. I sug­gest that if your wed­ding is on a Saturday night, that every Saturday night for the first year of your mar­riage you re-state your vow to each other. Take the time to recon­nect to the moment of your unit­ing. Let your vows remind you of the love that is so present on your wed­ding day. Let this vow time be the moment you recon­nect if you have had a busy week. Look your part­ner in the eye. Speak the words of love and com­mit­ment. Let your vows stay alive in your mem­ory and be a part of the DNA of your rela­tion­ship

source link Then in those moments (and those moments will come) when your rela­tion­ship feels strained or you even have for­got­ten why you mar­ried this per­son — your vows will be right there ready to remind you of what has brought you together.

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