The Origins of Some Wedding Customs

WEDDING CUSTOMS – How did they come to be

IMG_6362As a wedding officiant for more than 17 years I have always loved researching wedding customs. I find it very useful to understand the origins of each element of the wedding ceremony.

I am an officiant who works with couples of all faiths, traditions, religions and also with those who are spiritual but not religious. I want to understand the underpinning of each part of the wedding. Knowing the origin I can advise and many times evolve each ritual or custom to make it meaningful for todays wedding couples.

Here are some interesting wedding facts:

The Wedding Veil – symbolizes modesty and as a symbol it began in the 16th Century.

The White Bridal Gown – Following the marriage of Queen Victoria, who wore an all-white gown this became the fashion for everyone. (Previously, women were married in the best dress they owned).

Carrying Something Old – symbolizes the value and respect the bride places on someone who is already married.

Something New – Many times is the bride carries shiny new penny for good luck. Something Borrowed – meant to show the sharing of the couples happiness.

Something Blue – The color blue symbolizes constancy.

Wedding Flowers – Flowers are a symbol of fertility and everlasting love.

The Kiss – In early Roman times, a kiss was considered the legal bond that seals a contract.

Giving Away the Bride – This custom symbolizes times past when the bride when from her parent’s home to her grooms home.